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I have been working with Dolores Maisonneuve and Gordon Haskins, a creative couple who started the Red Door Studios in London, England.

Dolores and Gord are interested in opening the doors of their property in Naramata, BC to artists and creative people - those who are serious art-makers as well as beginners from sculptors to painters, textiles and traditional art makers are invited to attend.    

The property is a beautiful site that overlooks the lake and is surrounded by orchards, about 10 minutes from Penticton. The 15 acre property has a power, wifi, water, two showers, outdoor kitchen as well as a number of fruit trees.  There is a lot of space to set up tents to camp, a yurt from Kazakhstan is scheduled to be set up!

Photo by shironosov/iStock / Getty Images


  • A Community Dinner will take place Saturday August 19 from 6-9pm.  I will present a little information about artist residencies / art parks in hopes to spur conversation about the property and what could be!  Food and wine will be provided!
  • There may be a few music nights - along with a movie night - TBC.  For the most part there are not a lot of planned activities, you will have lots of time to make art!
  • We may have a Cobb oven building experience, as well the yurt might be installed...or while we are there it may be installed..

Here are a couple of websites that you might find interesting about Naramata!

For a small fee you can be part of this pilot project. Would you like to learn more? Send me a message!




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