Biography / CV



I have a deep interest in place, genealogy, and reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous communities. Many years of professional arts administration have allowed me generate unique, large-scale ideas, that explore powerful and potentially healing intersections between art, artists, and the community.

I am obsessed with genealogy and understanding why people chose to live where they do.  My family origins are French, Metis, British, Irish, Scottish, Swedish and Norwegian. My family research shows that my paternal ancestors are French and Métis who settled in the Ste. Anne/Ste. Agathe, Manitoba areas.  My maternal great grandparents homesteaded in the Carnwood, Camrose, Arrowwood areas of Alberta as well as Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  I grew up on a farm outside of Camrose,listening to the stories my mother would tell about my great- grandparents and how hard they worked to be in Canada.  This influence has affected the art administrative and my studio practice.

My artworks reflect the fleeting nature of our personal and collective history.  Since 2007 I have been researching farms, taking photographs, painting portraits, collecting dirt and compiling sound interview/video work into different exhibitions to create discussion and awareness around issues of farming, food, community, identity, and culture. My personal practice encompasses a variety of diverse expressions including drawn and painted portraits, landscapes, abstractions on paper, canvas, wood and clay, as well as photography and recordings.